Laser Hair Removal

The excessive hair growth constitutes a serious problem for a lot of women but also for men.

The reasons of excessive hair growth is usually located:

  • A) In hormonal disturbances,
  • B) Hereditary reasons,
  • C) Use of medicines.

The conventional methods of hair removal up to now did not come up with the desirable and long lasting results.

The hair removal using Laser constitutes henceforth the method of choice in U.S.A. and Europe and it is based on the ‘selective photothermolysis’ during which, the natural colouring substance of a single hair, the melanin, absorbs selectively the beam of the Laser.

The time of Laser emission is so short that no damage is caused in the surrounding tissues, while each ‘shot’ is treating not a single hair separately but a wider area, so that the desirable region is covered very fast.

The “intelligent” Laser beam detects and focuses on the melanin of hair, destroying the root, while the simultaneous use of a cooling system of the treated area of skin, minimises any discomfort.

In each session all hair are removed and those that grow back are growing in long intervals of 1 – 2 months and each time they are thinner.

The object of the repetition of some therapy sessions is the total obliteration of unwelcome hair growth but still certain cases present their own peculiarity (e.g. hormonal dysfunction).

The newest generation Laser with skin cooling system and wide area of application, ensures impressive results, in all regions of the body (face, legs, back, etc) and at the same time it can be also applied in Mediterranean type skins, even during the summer months.

Laser Hair Removal is a method:

  • Fast
  • Painless
  • Harmless

And when it is combined with the specialisation and the scientific training of medical personnel applying it, gives an essential and proper solution in the problem of undesirable hair growth.