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It is an injectable treatment, aesthetic improvement of the upper half of the face and the contour. The material is FDA approved and works by weakening the facial muscles that are responsible for the initial formation of wrinkles.

Κυριότερες ενδείξεις της θεραπείας :

wrinkles on the forehead

wrinkles of the middle eyebrow

the area of the outer thorn (goose foot)

Neck wrinkles (nefertiti)

redefines the contour of the jaw

it is the ideal solution for hyperhidrosis

How the treatment is done:

The treatment is simple, safe and fast. The injections of the material are performed in such a way that the pain is minimal and tolerable by the patient.
The return to daily activities is immediate.

How long does the result last?

The results of the treatment are impressive and appear after 2-3 days and up to 15 from the application of botulinum toxin. Specifically, what we see is a smooth forehead without wrinkles, raised eyebrows, the absence of wrinkles around the eyes and generally a person with a renewed relaxing expression. It lasts for about six months. No side effects are reported from this product.

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