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New approved injectable body treatments utilize hyaluronic acid in the buttocks so as to offer better shape, straightening and volume.


Buttock straightening and augmentation is now done bloodlessly and non-surgically with hyaluronic acid, the ingredient that is naturally present in our body. Specifically, HYAcorp is the only hyaluronic acid filler injected specifically designed to enlarge the buttocks, straighten and correct the appearance of orange peel, ie cellulite.

It has been approved for indications such as restoration after operations and body contour improvement (bloodless sculpture). The results are immediate and long lasting up to 2 years.

Recovery time is short, but abstinence from exercise, massage or exposure to high temperatures (eg sauna, sun exposure) is required for a few days. After the treatment, the image of the buttocks will gradually look better thanks to the hydrophilic components of the molecule and the mild production of collagen. The advantage of HYAcorp is that it is an ingredient that mimics ours, offers a natural result without surgery, without the use of implants, without much discomfort.

The return to daily activities is immediate.

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