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Coax Med

Frequencies (Coax Med)

COAX MED is a platform that combines three different technologies:

Main Technologies:

The low frequency ultrasound

The monopolar radio frequency

The vacuum system for lymphatic massage

How the Treatment is Done:

With this combination, the produced energy acts deep in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, destroying the fat cells, but also causing the simultaneous activation of the cells for the production of new collagen fibers.

Low-frequency ultrasound causes a breakdown in the membrane of adipocytes that form adipose tissue resulting in selective lipolysis. Fluidized fat is eliminated naturally from the body.

Monopolar radiofrequency has the property of heating the deeper layers of the skin and shrinking fat cells, mobilizing the production of collagen and elastin that cause tightening of the treated area.

The Vacuum system improves the contour and makes liposculpture.

Advantages of treatment:

Reduction of adipocyte volume.

The results are immediately visible and permanent.

No recovery time required - immediate return to daily activities.

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