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Eyelid surgery today is the most common facial cosmetic surgery worldwide. Loosening of the skin on the eyelids, relaxation of the ocular muscle are usually the characteristics that lead someone to a plastic surgeon.

Upper Eyelid:

On the upper eyelids the incision is placed precisely in the natural line of the upper eyelid. Excess skin (falling into the eye area and blocking clear vision) is removed, thus changing the normal contour of the upper eyelids, preventing in some cases even vision from falling into the eye area. Finally, a small amount of fat is usually removed, mainly from the inside of the eyelid.

Lower eyelid surgery:

In lower eyelid eyelid surgery, excess skin and fat (removal or redistribution of fat) as well as relaxation of the ocular muscle and septa are treated. Depending on the problem, the incision can be made either just below the lashes or inside the eyelid (in the conjunctiva) so it is not visible. The latter is applied in cases where there is no excess skin and excess fat is the only problem.


Rhinoplasty can help both breathing problems (functional rhinoplasty) and balancing facial features (aesthetic rhinoplasty) by creating a highly functional nose that is in better symmetry with the rest of the face.

Rhinoplasty Techniques

Open method:

Open rhinoplasty is the method of choice mainly in cases of reoperation, congenital anomalies, post-traumatic lesions of the nasal skeleton and more often in cases of modification of the tip and the back of the nose.

Closed method:

Closed rhinoplasty is usually used for simpler cases, such as a possible bump on bridge of the nose, when nostrils are too wide or narrow, or when nose obstructs the ability to breathe. Surgical access is made through very small invisible incisions inside the nostrils.


This operation is recommended when deep wrinkles and sagging skin are located in the face and neck area.

Excess skin is removed and the face is restored to its original position by straightening the deep tissues of the face to achieve a more natural and long-lasting result.

This operation does not alter facial features. It is necessary to properly assess the excess skin that must be removed in order to achieve a natural result. Incisions are made in front and behind the ear and sometimes on the scalp without shaving the hair but applying a special device.


This is one of the most common plastic surgeries.

After making an incision, the surgeon will separate the breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of the chest. This creates a pocket either behind or in front of the outermost muscle of the chest wall (pectoral muscle). The surgeon will insert the implant into this pocket and center it behind the nipple.

Saline implants are inserted empty and then filled with sterile salt water once they are in place. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel.

When the implant is in place, the surgeon will close the incision, typically with stitches, and bandage it with skin adhesive and surgical tape.

The silicone implants used are completely safe and there is no risk of rejection by the body.

This operation does not affect breastfeeding. The minimum length that the incision can have is 2.5 – 3.0 cm. The scar can be made either around the nipple  in cases of a small degree of fall or in the subfrontal fold.


Breast augmentation is very common and usually unavoidable. It is mainly due to aging, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, great weight loss. By removing the excess skin and tightening the underlying tissues, the breast acquires a more youthful appearance. This operation improves the shape and position of the female breast.

What is achieved is the restoration of the breast to its original position, the correction of the asymmetries and the correct repositioning of the tissues in order to achieve a filling of the upper pole of the breast. Also, the position of the nipple in relation to the subfrontal fold is corrected. Breast lift can be a, b, c grade or pseudo-fall.

In case there is a small degree of relaxation then a breast lift is performed. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually  requires an overnight stay in the clinic. For 4 weeks it is good to avoid physical exercise. After 6 months to 1 year the scars are almost indistinguishable.


This is the most advanced form of liposuction that uses the latest VASER technology, where through the use of ultrasound the fat is first liquefied and then carefully removed while achieving the removal of the overlying skin and avoiding its relaxation highlighted and projected naturally. At the same time, the aspirated fat can be transferred through a special liposculpture technique to other places depending on the needs, thus giving the image of an even more well-groomed, lined body.

It can be applied to various areas of the body such as the abdomen (6 pack), chest, buttocks, waist, back, back, shoulders (deltoid), thighs and arms

The results are immediately visible, however the final result that one expects is about 3 months when the process of complete healing and tightening of the tissues is completed, as well as the remission of the edema.

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