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Hair Removal – GentleLase Pro

Hair Removal (GentleLase Pro)

The Alexandrite laser is one of the most widely used hair removal lasers, operating at a shorter wavelength of 755nm (near infrared wavelength). The hair removal with GentleLase Pro is achieved through the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis.


The machine emits a beam of light at a specific wavelength (755nm), which penetrates the epidermis and is absorbed by the melanin of the follicle resulting in its destruction leaving the surrounding area of the epidermis unaffected.
During the treatment, the skin is protected by a dynamic cooling mechanism, where a cryogen sprays the skin, cooling its upper layers. This achieves protection and at the same time local anesthesia.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, in the first laser hair removal session there is a reduction in hair growth of up to 25%. Most people need 6 to 8 sessions in areas that are not considered hormone dependent to achieve at least 80% hair loss.

After the laser hair removal session you can return to your daily obligations, after you have applied sunscreen. For the first few days you will avoid sun exposure.

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